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SKU: 10031139

425 Acrylic Latex Additive 1 gallon

Bostik 425 Acrylic Latex Additive - 1 gallon

Bostik® 425 Multi-Purpose Acrylic Latex Admixture is a high solids acrylic emulsion designed to improve the performance of Bostik Ceramic Tile Grout, Bostik Dry Tile Grout, Bostik Tile-Mate? Thin Set Mortars, Bostik Single Flex FS? (Fast Set) Mortar and job site prepared mortar beds.

Product Uses:
- Controls hydration rate (curing) of cement mortars and grouts
- Use with thin set mortars to provide adhesion to non-masonry substrates such as plywood,waterproofing and crack isolation membranes and porcelain tile
- Use with cement based tile grouts to help to ensure consistent cure results and better color development
- Improves water resistance of grouts, thin sets and mud beds
- Improves flexural and compressive strengths
- Helps prevent cracking grout in wood framed structures
- Use to prepare bond coats
- Use in job site prepared mortar ?mud? beds