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Williamsburg Butcher Block Co. Butcher Block Conditioning Oil 12oz.

SKU: 10041480
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Williamsburg Butcher Block Conditioner 12oz.

    Williamsburg Butcher Block Conditioner with natural waxes rejuvenates your your butcher block cutting surfaces to keep them in like-new condition. Specially formulated with vitamin E to safely treat butcher block countertops, cutting boards, wooden serving trays, bowls and utensils to prevent drying and cracking.

    Williamsburg Conditioner can extend the life of your beautiful cutting boards, counter tops or wooden kitchen products for years. Regular application is important to guard against germs, mold growth, and splitting on wood cooking surfaces.

    Contains food-grade natural beeswax and carnauba. Blended with pure food-grade mineral oil to protect wood from moisture and stains. Reduces the impact of knives and minimizes the appearance of marks. The addition of natural lemon oil provides Williamsburg Butcher Block Conditioner with increased antibacterial properties and a pleasant scent.

    Features and Benefits:
    - Rejuvenates and extends the life of wooden surfaces
    - Prevents drying, shrinkage, checking and cracking
    - Formulated with pure food-grade vitamin E enriched mineral oil, beeswax, and lemon oil
    - The oil pulls the waxes into the wood to create a natural barrier to moisture, contaminants and bacteria
    - Use regularly to help keep butcher blocks supple and long lasting
    - Made in the USA

    Also available: Williamsburg Butcher Block Mineral Oil for daily use on your butcher block and wooden products.

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