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SKU: 10014403

Dream Home 
Insulayment 100 SFT ROLL

Dream Home Insulayment

Multi-purpose underlayment with 100 square feet per roll.

Insulayment is perfect for glued-down, nailed hardwood or engineered wood floors.  It insulates sound* and cushions floors.  It helps keep floors warm in winter and cool in the summer. All this with the added benefit of an antimicrobial structure.  Meets or exceeds most condo associations' sound proofing requirements.

Used under glue-down or nail-down Solid and Engineered Hardwood flooring. Approved for use over radiant heated flooring.

*In order for any isolation barrier to be effective a certain amount of compressibility is required. Although the compression resistance and density are higher than most isolation barriers a certain amount of deflection is to be expected when installing a glue-down or nail-down flooring type. This deflection may cause a mild friction "floor noise", especially in nail-down applications. A minimal amount of "Floor Noise" is not considered a flooring defect.

Please note this product is not recommended for nail-down applications where engineered or solid hardwood flooring is less than 3/8" thick.

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