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SKU: 10043227

SL-Gyp White

SL-GypTM is a premium, hybrid gypsum / cement-based, self-leveling underlayment that can be installed from 1/4" up to 2" thickness without extension. It is designed for use over distressed gypsum subfloors, light weight concrete, mud beds, structurally sound wood, adhesive residue and it is ideal for use on radiant or in-floor heating systems. SL-GypTM can also be used for certain low-prep applications where shot-blasting and mechanically cleaning substrates cannot be done.

Product Features:
- Ideal for pumping
- Maintains healing and pour merging properties for up to 20 minutes
- Exceptional compressive strength - 5,000 psi
- Suitable for use with in-floor hydronic and electric radiant heating systems
- Ideal for repairing distressed gypsum and sound plywood substrates
- Can be used over mud beds and lightweight concrete
- Ideal for low-prep applications
- Rapid strength gain
- Contributes points to LEED® certified projects

Key Features:
- Install from 1/4" to 2" neat
- Walkable in 3 to 4 hours
- Install floor covering in 2 day

Technical Data Sheet

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