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SKU: 10047803


SL-RapidTM is a rapid-setting, cement-based, self-leveling underlayment that can be used to create a smooth, flat and level surface prior to the installation of floor coverings. Its rapid-setting properties, low shrinkage and superior leveling properties make it the ideal product for time sensitive and demanding applications on, above, or below grade. The SL-Rapid'sTM setting properties mean tile can be installed as quickly as one hour after walkable. Additionally, moisture sensitive floor coverings such as wood, carpet, VCT, vinyl sheet goods, and rubber can generally be installed four hours after walkable.

Product Features:
- Fast install for ceramic tile - 1 hour
- Can be installed from 1/8" - 1" neat
- Ideal for bucket or barrel mixing applications
- Creates a super smooth surface necessary for various floor coverings
- Maintains healing and pour merging properties for up to 20 minutes
- Very fast and easy to apply without the imperfections associated with hand patching
- Highly fluid self-leveler for easy smoothing and pouring
- Mold and mildew resistant
- Contributes points to LEED® Certified Projects
- High performance, calcium aluminate formulation

Key Features:
- Install floor covering in 1 to 4 hours
- Install thickness from 1/8" to 1" neat
- Up to 40% more fluid than traditional self-levelers

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