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Mapei UltraCoat Low Gloss Clean Polish 32 oz.

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Mapei UltraCoat Low Gloss Clean Polish 32 oz

Restore shine and luster to a scratched or dulled wood floor with UltraCoat Clean Polish and Clean WPM. These concentrated products can be diluted with water for periodic upkeep to cover superficial scratches or used occasionally at full strength to provide greater protection from wear by forming a durable water-repellent wear layer. Clean Polish WPM gives the floor a bright, shiny appearance and is a lower gloss alternative.

NOTE: The application of these products will void a floor's finish warranty. This product should not be used for daily light cleaning as it will alter a floor's finish. To protect against wear, periodic reapplication may be needed, especially in high-traffic areas.

- Residential and Commercial Use
- Protects against wear (17% solids at full strength)
- Improves scratch resistant to foot traffic
- VOC: Less than 100

Application: Microfiber Pad
Coverage: Varies on dilution rate
Dry Time: Varies on dilution rate

- Routine maintenance: 1.5 oz. per gallon of water. Do not return mixed solution to orginal container.
- Heavy maintenance: full strength