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1-1/4" 18ga. Nails 2000-Count

Norge  1-1/4" 18ga. Nails 2000-Count

1-1/4" 18ga. Nails 2000-Count
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SKU: 10038073
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1-1/4" 18ga. Nails 2000-Count   

Heavy duty enough to keep flooring and planks in place.Includes 2000 floor cleats. Works with any 18ga Floor Nailer that accepts standard L-cleats.

Quick Highlights:
- Lacquered collation 
- Low carbon steel
- Round tip to minimize splitting
- Optimized head to minimize dimpling (telegraphy)

- Length: 1-1/4"
- Gauge: 18  
- Material: Low Carbon Steel

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