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Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring offers the performance and look of exotic hardwood for less. It's a fast-growing grass that produces new stalks without the need for replanting. For added durability, there's strand bamboo.

  • One of the most sustainable floors
  • Looks, feels, and performs like hardwood
  • Unique styles, stains, and textures
  • Strand bamboo is 2X harder than red oak
  • GREENGUARD or Floorscore certified
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───── Ridiculously LOW Prices on Bamboo Flooring ─────
Supreme Bamboo
3/8 x 3-15/16 Haze Gray Horizontal Bamboo
Sku: 10041075
As Low As CAD $1.39/SFT

Supreme Bamboo
3/8 x 3-15/16 Island Pearl Horizontal Bamboo
Sku: 10040935
As Low As CAD $1.39/SFT

Morning Star XD
3/8 x 5-1/8 Engineered Cabana Gold Bamboo
Sku: 10041421
As Low As CAD $2.39/SFT

Morning Star Ultra
5/8 x 7-1/2 Engineered Harvest Moon Bamboo
Sku: 10041430
As Low As CAD $2.69/SFT

Morning Star XD
1/2 x 5-1/8 Distressed Honey Strand
Sku: 10039148
As Low As CAD $3.29/SFT

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As Low As CAD $6.79/SFT

As Low As CAD $5.39/SFT

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As Low As CAD $5.79/SFT

As Low As CAD $2.79/SFT

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