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Ceramic Composite Plank (CCP)
Felsen Ceramic Composite Plank (CCP) is the next evolution of wood-look flooring.
This ceramic-based product installs easily, without the need for grout, mortar, and additional preparation time.

  • Waterproof; perfect for any room of the home
  • Resistant to dents, stains, scratches and warping
  • Can be used with underfloor heating
  • Realistic hardwood styles
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───── LOW Prices on Wood-Look Tile and Ceramic Composite Plank ─────
Avella XD
36 x 6 Elegant Wood Brazilian Pecan Porcelain Tile
Sku: 10040433
As Low As CAD $3.79/SFT

Felsen XD
4mm Hillcrest Walnut Ceramic Composite Plank
Sku: 10042363
As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

Felsen XD
4mm Alamo Trail Oak Ceramic Composite Plank
Sku: 10042354
As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

Avella XD
36 x 6 Elegant Wood Brazilian Cherry Porcelain Tile
Sku: 10040432
As Low As CAD $4.85/SFT

Avella Ultra
36 x 6 Golden Lake Oak Porcelain Tile
Sku: 10040825
As Low As CAD $5.19/SFT

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As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

As Low As CAD $4.69/SFT

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